October 23, 2010

{I'm Trying}

I'm not sure if the title of this post refers to my sad lack of Fall/Halloween decorating in years past, or if it refers to my attempts to contribute more to the blog so Jamie isn't the one who always has to post. (Either one applies, I suppose.) But yes, in years gone by I have made only pathetic attempts at decorating for the season. So as my kid get older I thought I should really TRY to be a little more enthusiastic for their sakes. Besides, I like to keep them a little of kilter, it keeps them on their toes! ("Mom, are you feeling okay?")

Here goes:
This is my window box. I generally add pumpkins in it every year since it looks so naked when it's empty, but this year I added white pumpkins. I like 'em!
Here's the front door. Nothing really spectacular here, in fact I need to get out and fix the spiderweb since the wind kind of knocked it down. I don't go real crazy for Halloween specifically, I generally keep it more for Fall so I can keep it up through Thanksgiving (I know, lazy decorator), but I am trying to add a few Halloween touched here and there.
I'm also a bit sad that we've had such a warm Fall which is, of course, a silly thing to be bummed about, but it's delayed a lot of my plants from turning (like my hydrangia above). I like the "Free" decorating of fall leaves. Now for the inside:
This is the table by my entry. I bought the cute covered plate thingy from Sheri's friend Mary when I was visiting recently (Thanks Mary for giving her up, I love it!) The pot came from Sheri as well. I'm such a scrounger!
Here's the living room coffee table, (I know the pillows aren't fluffed in the background, but hey, this was spur of the moment this morning. Just keepin' it real.) Also, as a side note, I recently made the chess board which I may post about someday. Like it?
Again keepin' it real here, this is the centerpiece in my office/dining room. Nothing spectacular because it needs to be easily moveable for when I'm doing projects.
Kitchen. Not much, sorry!
Light in the dining area. Don't love the fixture, but the spiderwebs and spiders are great! And don't you love the "authentic" dust on the ball at the bottom? Sigh. I guess I should take care of that eventually.
Dining room table with my son eating breakfast in the background. What's cuter the decoration or the kid? I know my choice!
I painted an old frame black and used a printable off a blog for the picture. This table backs my family room couches. See...

I made this garland a couple of weeks ago. I got myself a Cricket machine for 1/2 Off at Roberts (Can you believe it!), and had to give 'er a whirl. I used a garland idea from a girls weekend we had a couple of years back. I thought and thought about what it would say, and then got really creative and decided on "halloween".

Here she is on my mantel. I used twine to string it because that's what I had on hand, but eventually I will trade it out with black ribbon. (Like next year probably, 'cause that's just the way I roll)

Finally, what mantel would be complete without a skull bleeding from his eye sockets. This was my son's contribution. He made it at scouts. What are they teaching them over there?!?! Just kidding. I think.

Happy Halloween!


Holly said...

Looks wonderful! I'm loving that garland!

Rhonda said...

Happy Saturday! I think you have just right amount of Halloween in your home! I decorate quite the same, would rather do a fall theme only, but especially with kids, I gotta throw in some scary...
I would love to know how you made the checker board too!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Everything looks lovely. I esp. love the white pumpkins with the leaves in the window boxes. So cute.

Gina M. said...

Your decor is very nice. I have not had the funds to decorate much at all this year, just a few things on the mantle. Your decor definitely inspires for future years.