December 20, 2010

{ Christmas is coming!!! }

I love Christmas! The boys are getting old enough to really have a good time and understand the stories and origin of Christmas. They have really gotten into the spirit this year and have helped with Christmas candy, wrapping gifts, picking out gifts to give to other children who need them, and even help me clean around the house! Our decorations are minimal this year but we love them!

The first and best attraction in my opinion, the tree! (of course mom Teel's moose head on the wall helps) :) Every year we get a new ornament to put on the tree along with most the others that we've collected through the years from the Teel ornament exchange! I love Christmas, did I mention that?!

The boys stockings...I'm still working on Troy's and mine. Next year there will be another one to fill...probably full of formula and diapers but it will be fun!

Favorite Christmas pillow, goes on the couch every December!

I don't have much kitchen counter space but what I do have is decorated with Christmas candy until the holidays are over! Love it, shouldn't but I do!

Of course you can't forget the Rudolph decorations! These are the boys favorites!

These are to help the boys count down until Christmas day until I get into gear and sew an advent calender! They enjoyed making them and tearing one off every day so far though!

Well, there is much more but having been a little under the weather this year I didn't get everything out. Either way we are having a blast this holiday and the boys can't wait to open presents! Happy Holidays everyone!!!


Val said...

Cute post!! Loving all the candy.

Traci said...

Yum! The goodies look delicious! I love the pillow and rudolph decorations! Thanks for sharing Kate! See you soon. :)