December 20, 2010

{ Jamie's Christmas Home Tour }

Well, here we go.
This is my home for the holidays this year.
Some things have changed a lot, some things have stayed the same.
I was excited to be able to decorate the "new" living room.
No pool table to decorate around this year!

I went for a more natural feel in here with branches, berries, pinecones, etc.

The hubster laughed at my stick leaning in the corner.
I quite like it though, so it stayed.
Boo & I found it on our stick & pinecone hunting walk.
She was good little helper.

I love my Christmas quilt.
Sheri made the top when we did our quilt top exchange way back when & I quilted it.

Such a cute little stitched pillow.

Christmas books!
Love them!
I add a new one every year.

I bought a few branches of greenery & stuck them in my buckets.
I like how it looks like I brought them in from outside.
And the little pinecones in the lantern are fun.

I, finally, found a spot for my favorite garage sale find of the summer.
The large picnic basket on the bottom of the stack was a steal for $5.
Very old, very cool.
I just rolled up a garland I had & stuck in the top basket.

I lovah, lovah, looove this vignette.
Very simple, very natural with a little bit of sparkle.
Kind of like me, yes? haha!
I've had the NOEL letters in my Christmas bin for a few years.
They had all the letters in the dollar bins that they put next to the checkstands at Joanns.
They were sparkly, so I thought "Christmas" and took out the N,O,E, & L letters.
So glad I finally put them up.

I found the inspiration for this bucket embellishment here.
She has wonderful blog & her Christmas decorating is gorgeous!
And the best part was, I already had everything to put it together.
Again, the pinecones & sticks were from a walk around our neighborhood.

I knew my kids would flip out over this mistletoe.
The 3 girls did!
How could you not with it's glittery, jeweled goodness?
We've been kissing a lot underneath it. :)

We're moving into the family room now.
It has a more of a vintagey, homey traditional feeling in here.
This is my very cool vintage ornament wreath given to me from a dear friend.

I'm crazy about the kids' Christmas decor that gets added in.
Little Boo's preschool calendar.


The Santa that we grew up with.
So old, so dirty, so loved.

My Grandpa's hutch.
I thought this would be a good place to gather all of the little nativities that I've collected.

This is a new tree this year.
I've had a few of Grandma's ornaments & wasn't sure what to do with them.
I wanted them out so I can see them & I think this is perfect!

Things that belonged to my loved ones & bring back fond memories are very special to me.

This is a new activity advent calendar that I made this year.
I bought the kit for it here.
Sassypants & I got out the paper goodies & worked on it together.
We had so much fun.
Each tag has a slip of paper attached to the back or in a pocket.
My kids love to look each day to see what activity we will be doing.
I can share my list of our activities in another post if anyone is interested.

Sassypant's 4th grade snowman.
This makes me happy...and also sad because I can't find my boy's 4th grade snowman anywhere! :(
He's 15 now & she's 12 so these things are pretty important to me.
They are a reminder of their younger days.

This music box plays "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" & was painted by Sheri.
Santa & his reindeer rotate around while the song is played.
It is so cute!

Our skinny little tree with my collection of Wizard of Oz ornaments.

Happy carolers.

A fun vintage looking star.
Pay no attention to the beads that are stuck in the cupboard door.

A Lori Mitchell snowman is tucked into the corner of my kitchen.

And, of course, my nativity.
I am grateful for my Savior & for this special time that we have to celebrate His birth.

Well, that's it.
Phew! That was a lot of pictures!

I'm going to link up my home Cottage and Vine.
She has such a fun blog & she hosting a Christmas Tour of Homes today.

Merry Christmas!


Cindy said...

Everything looks so pretty, Jamie! I'm enjoying seeing all your sisters posts!

Yes, please post your list of daily things to do. I'm thinking this would be a cute gift to give to my married couples....oh, and for whosever left at my house too!

Love Ya--

Kathy@mishmashmom said...

Jamie-I love your Christmas quilt! Do you know which line the fabric came from?

Traci said...

I like how you have different feels in different rooms. So fun!

Traci said...

And I love how the tree with grandmas ornaments turned out!

Unknown said...

I love all your Christmas touches and the natural elements, especially the galvanized bucket! You have an impressive collection of vintage ornaments as well. Your home is very pretty.

Rebecca Gibbs said...

I love your handy basket of Christmas books, good idea! All of your decor is lovely! I wish this tour of home happened earlier in the season...SO many great ideas! : )

Sheri said...

I love the nature decorating. All your sticks are fun.

Bobbi said...

It's all so cute Jamie! I love the tree with grandma's ornaments and the advent calendar. I love Christmas stories...we have some too--but in a pile by the tree!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~**~Love it! So cozy and Christmasy!! Hugs~Rachel~*~

*French Farmhouse 425*

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing :)

We keep our Christmas books under the tree before Christmas, cant put the pressies under the tree too soon in our house!

I love nativities - I am gathering quite a collection!

Merry Christmas to you and yours from N Ireland :)

René said...

Gosh, where to begin...I love it all. Your family room looks so warm and inviting. And that mistletoe ball must be such a treat for your family. I have always wanted to do one of those (don't know why I haven't). That chippy cabinet with the pretty wreath hanging on it is my favorite!

Thanks so much for joining the "Tour of Homes" party! Merry Christmas!


Mippie said...

everything is just perfect and that quilt! oh that christmas quilt is dreamy!

Miss Charming said...

Such beautiful Christmas decor. I love the tree with your grandma's ornaments.