December 14, 2010

{ A Little Challenge for my Sisters }

I was so tired of seeing that last horrible post sitting here at the top.
Here is something much more pleasing to the eye & a bit more cheery...
I loooove this room over at Three Pixie Lane!
And it's even more charming dressed up for Christmas.
Go check out the rest of the room.
I know you will love it too.

Well, my computer is slowy making it's recovery as I had to completely wipe it out & start over.

I took pictures today of my Christmas decor & it got me thinking.
It got me thinking that I really wish I could see how my sisters decorated for Christmas.
I mean, isn't that why we have this blog?
So we can share those types of things with each other?
And that got me thinking some more...
I think we, sisters, should all meet up here this coming Monday & post our Christmas decor.

What do you say?
I know some of you are a little bit blog challenged so I am available all week for tech help.
Just call. :)

I love you girls & hope to see you here Monday!

1 comment:

April said...

Funny you should mention it. I took a couple of pictures this morning my self. We scaled back the decorations a bit this year but I'll post what I've got... on Monday.