December 20, 2010

{ Red & White Christmas }

I like Jamie's idea of everyone sharing pictures of their Christmas decorations....
so here's a few from my house!
I really love how my Christmas tree looks this year in my living room.
It matches all the red and white decorating I just added
in the shutters, furniture, and pillow fabrics.

And I love all the handmade ornaments on the tree.  
Like this wood doll painted by my grandma.
I think of her every time I see it.

This is one of our nativities.
I love how my daughter added a star--which is actually an ornament she made at school.

This is another nativity.  It is very pretty and each of the pieces are hand painted, but you can't see much of it right now.
We are trying a new tradition this year to help us remember better the true meaning of Christmas.
We started last night by putting out the stable, donkey and manger.
We listened to Christmas music and read a story about a little boy who met Mary and Joseph at the stable that night.
Each night we will be adding a new piece until we add the last one, the baby Jesus, on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Jamie said...

You're right, Bob, the shutters work perfectly into your Christmas decorating! I love your last idea. Could you email me the story?

Traci said...

Will you send the story to me too Bob? I like the homemade star on you nativity. Its so cute to add things your kids make.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Bobbi. You also have a lovely home. I love the red shutter! I also love red and white at Christmas and have the same berry garlands.