December 19, 2010

{ Traci's Decorations }

So I'm taking Jamie up on her challenge, but I don't have that much to share.  I didn't put up all of my decorations this year and kept it pretty simple.  And there are a few things I would like to get to add to them.  But that will come with time.  So here it goes.

I love this simple nativity.

I found this cute vintage looking wreath at Rogers Gardens in Newport Beach last year while shopping with Jamie and Sheri (actually we all bought one)

This is the living room.  I invested in a taller, slimmer tree this year to fit my space better.  I have such limited space in my condo.  I really love it.  And it's prelit!  Awesome!

Someone gave this little nativity to us the year we got married I think.  It's really cool.  Hard to capture in a picture.  It's etched in a crystal block.

I really love this Nativity that Jamie gave me a few years back.  I had a hard time finding a "safe" place for it this year, so it's kind of tucked on a shelf by the tree.  I have to keep things that are breakable away from my 4 year old and my husband.

This Santa makes me smile.  My family had one exactly like this when I was growing up and I loved it as a child.  My mom gave it to Jamie and I was so jealous.  But I found one on ebay for only about 20 dollars!  Wahoo!

I loved this picture of my daughter with the snowman we built last year.  I had to add it to my decorations this year.  I'm still looking for a cute frame to put it in though.

Gotta love the nativity that everyone can play with!  It's a hit with just about everyone who comes over.

The newest addition to my decorations.  My sister Sheri found this at Shinodas. Thanks to her she decided not to buy it and let me take it.  I needed something for my table and I think this is really cute and was a good deal too!

This is in my house every day, but it's good to remember the reason for the season!

Well I hope you enjoyed my tour.  Merry Christmas!


D said...

I love the Nativity sets, just love them. Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas.

Cindy said...

I love it all, Traci. Question: where did you get the FP nativity? I've been looking for one. Online they are $70! Is that the going price????

Bobbi said...

So pretty Traci! I love the tree and wreath and the Fisher Price nativity!

See you guys soon!

Jamie said...

Love it, love it! The picture of your little one is sooooo cute! And I love how the little house in the cloche looks. I'm sure Sheri is regretting not buying it now. :)

Traci said...

Cindy, I got mine on ebay for about 45 I think. I saw it at Target this year, but I don't know how much they were asking.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Traci. Your condo looks great all decked out for Christmas. I especially love the nativities.