January 12, 2011

{ Craft Days }

This week, the hubster went skiing. Yay, for him & yay, for me. I find it's much easier to haul out my crafting supplies & leave them all over the dining table when he is away. And, that's just what I did!

I've been wanting to try some ideas I've seen for hair accessories. It was really fun and Ms. Sassypants {who happens to be my model} thinks it's awesome because she gets to wear them.

1. Rolled Felt Flower

I completely copied this idea from eighteen 25. What a fabulous blog!

2. Felt Flower Headband

3. Button Collage Headband

Okay, I made this one up. I had all of these buttons & thought they were so fun together. Sassy says it's her favorite. It's so nice when an idea in your head actually works.

4. Pom Pom Bib Necklace (and Headband)

I recently found the Little Miss Momma blog & have really enjoyed it. She is such a cute little gal & very creative! As I was looking through her tutorials, I saw this necklace & knew I wanted to make one. Sassy says she's going to keep it for herself. 

Then using the same method, made some larger ones for a headband.

It was so much fun getting to check some items off of my "project to try" list.

**updated** P.to.the.S. I've linked up to Little Miss Momma

click on picture above to go to her blog


Tammy said...

She is so beautiful!!! Love everything! Very pretty!!

Cindy said...

Very cute!

Bobbi said...

Very cute! and so is your model! :) (tell her I said that)

corners of my life said...

Ms. Sassypants looks like a professional model - she's got the look for sure.

Jen@eighteen25 said...

love how they all turned out!!
i need to try the button one though!!! did you just glue them to a piece of felt??

super cute model too!! :)

ashley @ little miss momma said...

My oh my, these turned out beautiful! And that Sassy is adorable! I am especially loving those felt headbands--amazing!

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

What a fun day - I love the cute necklace!

Traci said...

Fun stuff... I really like the button one too! I might need to go buy some buttons and try it out. So cute. You need to teach me how to make them. :)

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