January 20, 2011

{ Pictures on my Camera }

one of my favorite Christmas gifts

making bread

my lunch smiling at me

fun, new cane


i love new crayons & markers

wooden spoon found on clearance
i love wooden spoons
and clearances :) 

my sink gave me a little "love"

new pillow for the couch from here


Dana @ SweetThings said...

Jamie, these are great pictures. What type of camera do you have? These pictures have great light and very clear. Great job!!

corners of my life said...

I grew up with that phone. Yikes, I must be very old.

Unknown said...

Hi-love your blog-found you through "stalking"!!! I'm your newest follower-so stop by and visit sometime!!-Claire

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Cute cute cane - love it!

Fran said...

Jamie, thanks for stopping by!! Cute pics (especially the love from your sink) and I adore your new pillow!!