April 22, 2011

{ Friday Fun }

I happened upon a wonderful blog today & had to share it with you.
Teresa from Meadow Brook Farm is talented in so many ways.
Every photo on her blog is beautiful!
And check out her fun & colorful home...

You really need to go check out her blog to see more.
Her photos are amazing & her garden is to die for!


Teresa said...

Thanks for the blog love, Jamie!
I wish my kitchen looked like that right now. The pre-Easter chaos has taken over!
Have a wonderful Easter!

Cindy said...

Then my questions are: why do we live where we do???

Where can I put a picket fence? I want one! (so I can plant all those gorgeous country flowers along it....)

corners of my life said...

Truely a storybook cottage. I could move in tomorrow.