May 26, 2011

{ Herman } may think I'm crazy.
And maybe I am, but I want to show you my recent purchase.
And it comes with a story, so hang in there with me.

You see, I got a gift certificate to Home Goods for my birthday & was very excited to go use it!
I decided I would spend it on something that I normally wouldn't purchase...just something fun.
As I perused the aisles searching for the perfect thing, I came across Herman.
I don't know what happened, but it was love at first sight.
We looked into each other's eyes & I knew he needed to come home with me.
I took him off the shelf & gave him to a HomeGoods lady to put up front for me.
I could overhear her & her associate talking about Herman behind his back saying unkind things such as,
"I wonder why she would want him."
and "Maybe it reminds her of someone she knows" and shaking their heads.
Of course, this only made me more determined to get him out of a place that didn't appreciate his beauty & make a home for him at my place.

So, I found a cozy spot between my beloved hydrangea bushes.
Doesn't he look comfortable?
He is bigger than he looks & heavy.
I think Herman adds a bit of whimsy & fun to our yard.

We are happy he is here & I think he's happy too.
The kids like him as much as I do.
They even show him off to all of their friends.
They'll say, "Come out & meet Herman."
It makes me laugh every time.
But, there is one person around here who doesn't approve.
My poor hubby H.A.T.E.S him.
He says Herman's creepy & looks like one of the singing busts from The Haunted Mansion at D-land.
I think he's just a bit jealous. :)

**p.s. I'm really not nuts, am I?
**p.p.s. I'm going to kick my dog's rear if she doesn't stop digging & killing the grass.


Amy Kinser said...

I love Herman! Actually, my papa's name was Herman so that makes your little statue head even more special.

I do have to agree with your hubby though as he does sort of remind me of that also.

Enjoy Herman as he watches over the place.

Laurel said...

Herman does look like the heads at Disneyland, but isn't that a good thing? I love him!

corners of my life said...

Herman definately looks like he is keeping watch. Creepy? Maybe just a little :)

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I think he is cute, but pretty sure my husband wouldn't get it, either!