May 9, 2011

{ Mother's Day & Randomness }

I love Mother's Day!
I get treated extra special on this day which must be why I love it.
I got to eat my favorite breakfast, wheat pancakes & bacon made by my two themselves.
And, the best part was, I didn't have to do the dishes!
And bacon is one of my favorite things to eat...
...that & garlic bread.
I love the way my house smells when bacon is cooked in it.
I grabbed my kids to take a picture with them this year...
This is as good as we could get.
They are funny & I love them to pieces!
I hope all of you mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!

{Please excuse the random thoughts in this post even though I have no excuse...just feeling silly.}


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corners of my life said...

Such a wonderful family photo.