August 5, 2011

{ Family Room Makeover }

I decided to rearrange my house.  I had made the family room that is attached to the kitchen into a big dining room.  This was great for when we had parties and holiday dinners, but my family was always upstairs in the loft where the TV was and I was always downstairs. 
So, I started by bringing down my white couches & tv from my loft, but wasn't crazy about how neutral everything was. My mom and I decided that we wanted to do a couch trade!  This was nice because other than having to rent a Uhaul trailer it was free!

Jamie came to visit this last week and we had a great time decorating with the cute slipcovered denim sofas that I got from Mom.
I wanted a more fun and colorful family room area, I started by putting a quilt on the back of the sofa that was made by my great grandma. It is every color of the rainbow and was kind of a kick off point. Next we gathered up pictures from all over the house and added them to the wall around the TV. Some of them my kids painted and some of them I did buy. I still need to add a couple more where the white ones are. The white chair used to be denim at one time, but it's slipcover has been gone for several years now. I need to make a new one for it.
We decided since we had so much color going on the walls and pillows we would do a neutral curtain. I used some leftover white muslin that is 120 inches wide. We had no extra! We even had to barely roll the bottom to have them be the right length. I love them!

We went shopping in my garage and around the house to find some new accessories to add and make it fun. I love when I just move things around and repurpose things that I have had for a long time.

I love this pillow we found at Home Goods. It reminds me of the very expensive ones they sell at Anthropologie. It is down filled and was $29. Such fun color and texture!

I would still like to get a rug and change out the ceiling fan and someday maybe get new floors. And there is still a piano in a nook to the right that needs a little TLC, but that will be in a later post.

It feels so fun and colorful, I love how it turned out!  It makes me happy to be in here.


Unknown said...

It does look fun and colourful, but with the denim and white curtains still some nice neutrals too. I also really like the other blue pillow. I adore denim and wish I had kept the slips I made for an old leather sofa and loveseat years ago. My white slip shows dog hair and kid prints way too much.

Laurel said...

I am loving this room! Keep up the good work and keep posting!

jenn said...

please don't touch those floors!

Traci said...

Yay! it turned out awesome! I love it!

life...just saying said...

What an awesome blog...sisters and mom, how very creative! I love your ideas and pics of your homes...I am def a new follower and will check back often!

Tadd & Linda said...

Your dining table is gorgeous! Who is the maker and where did you find it?