August 4, 2011

{ A Little Change }

I added this antique mirror {actually Sheri added it} on top of my Grandpa's hutch last week.
I looove it!
Sheri came into town last week with her kids and while our kids played, we went shopping! I took her to an antique store where we found some great things. I should have taken pictures of our purchases. I found something to add to the blank walls in my dining room that I'm hoping to show you soon.

Anyway, Sheri found this old mirror for only $19. It had a great shape & the mirror was perfectly imperfect.
{Don't you love my crafting tablecloth?} Sheri gave it a few coats of paint & sanded it just right.
After it was finished, she propped it up on our Grandpa's hutch to keep it out of the kids way & lo and added just the right touch for that spot.

This is what it looked like before...

and after...
Sheri was nice enough to trade it to me for a quilt top that I had made. Thanks Sheri. I reeeaaallly love it!


Erin said...

The mirror looks SO good there!! I can't wait to see what is going in the dining room!

Cindy said...

It turned out really nice.

I have a similar crafting tablecloth.....!