September 22, 2011

{ Paper Dolls }

At the end of the summer, I printed out some paperdolls for the girls.
They are Holly Hobbie ones from here.
They also have lots of coloring pages that you can print out.

Anyway, as Boo {my 5 year old daughter} started coloring and cutting, she decided to turn their underwear into swimsuits.
Then she wanted me to draw surfboards for them. 

And, she made one of them Bethany Hamilton by cutting off the blonde one's arm... 
She loooved the movie & has been a Bethany Hamilton fan ever since seeing it.
In fact, she says she wants to be her for Halloween this year...
so, I couldn't resist buying her a stuffed animal shark yesterday. :)

P.S. We covered the paper dolls in clear contact paper, just like we did when I was a kid. 

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