November 16, 2011

{ Autumn Decor }

Well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
Are you ready?

I am so excited to be hosting my family this year!
I made the menu & shopping list yesterday.
Nothing fancy, just good ole' traditional Thanksgiving dinner food.

My Thanksgiving decor is very simple.
I used the leftover Halloween pumpkins & grouped them together on top of the piano.
Have I mentioned how big the surface is on the piano?
It makes it a bit difficult to decorate sometimes.

After grouping the pumpkins I needed to balance out the other side so I used an empty frame for height.
The frame seemed a bit too empty, but I didn't want to get my sewing machine out, so I gathered fabric scraps from my stash, used some fabric bonding, cut out triangles & just used my mini clothspins to hang them on the wire that was already attached to the back of the frame.
Easy & quick!

Here's a broader view.
 { By the way, I've been wanting to change the finish on my piano...paint, restain...what do you think? }

Here's a few pictures of some of my other Autumn decor... 
I've had these Pilgrims & Indians for quite a while.
I love them.
Quick & easy arrangement on the dining room table.
Can you see the empty frame peeking out in the background?
I found it at an antique store.
I think there's a few people who come over & wonder why I have empty frames hanging in my home.
That's okay, they make me happy.
The little shelf with my two oldest kids' silhouettes when they were 4 years old.
They are 16 & 13 now.
Where does the time go?
Next week will be crazy.
My kids are out of school all week & our company is coming.
I can't wait!


Becky said...

The decor is perfect and your family will love being there for Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful one:) I vote for maybe just staining the piano darker, to match the wood in other areas of the house. But, I like it just the way it is too.

Cindy said...

So Festive, Jamie! I have the SAME piano at the cabin, except the glass inserts are different. It is the same honey color. I like it ok enough, but I wonder how it would look a little darker? Might deepen the look???

nancy said...

your home is lovely and bueatifully decorated