December 7, 2011

{Living Room After}

It has been an insane whirlwind during the last few weeks as I worked on the house with HOURS of painting to the point that I think I might have Carpel Tunnel in my painting wrist (this is no joke. I went downstairs to paint a chalkboard wall in my basement this morning and as I started cutting in I got shooting pains in my wrist and my fingers went numb. Yikes!) But so much progress has been made!

For starters, here are some after pictures of our Living Room now that we've moved in. I wanted to grab a few quick pics before the christmas tree went up. Just out of frame is a half assembled tree I started before I realized I forgot to take pictures!

{another after, as a side note, the clock above the couch is now hanging in the center of the bookcase. Our painting affectionally named "George" now resides above the couch.}

{recognize those bookcases?}

{Here they are in the apartment. I swapped the backs out with beadboard and gave them a fresh white coat of paint... or two... or three}

{This is the entry way. Yes the dresser REALLY need a new coat of paint, I'm thinking turquoise. At least I replaced the knobs. And I have finally hung the mirror. }

{before of the entry}

{Loving the chandelier, before it was a dated brass and wood ceiling fan. What a huge difference a light makes! I got this from Laurel a couple years ago but never had just the right place to hang it before. I love it in here!}

{New pillow I made. I'll give details later}

{I never did show the before and after on my $10 coffee table. The chess set was made from a serving tray. My kids play chess all the time!}
{I am loving the new living room. And huge thanks to my dad for helping me install the batten board and window trim!}
Coming soon, kitchen or laundry room, I can't decide...


Becky said...

I love the chandelier too! It really gives the room an elegant touch. The dark walls (before) were interesting :) so I am really liking your new colors. And I agree, a turquoise or aqua on your entry dresser/chest would be waaaay cute and give it just the right pop of color.

Laurel said...

Way to go Sis! I can't wait to see the rest of the house when you're done.

Bobbi said...

Looks great April! Can't wait to see it all done and beautiful!

Jamie said...

Looks so good! I heard about your crazy renovating! You have more energy than anyone I know! You're awesome!

arrielle_p said...

So fun to know someone else that is always changing it up too. I loved the befores and the afters. Not necessarily better because it was great before but different and sometimes that is all we are looking for. :D

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