March 16, 2012

{ Our Last Week with Mr. G-ding }

St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow & I think Mr. G-ding. will be going back to Ireland to be with his family.
Tomorrow will be our last day with him.
He raided our fridge!

Woke up one morning to find him watching cartoons.

Playing Peanut's Leapster that she left out.

Finishing a puzzle that Boo & I were working on.

How did he get in there?

The little girls woke up this morning to a TPd room!

We will sure miss Mr. G-ding, but I'm sure he'll come visit us next year around this time. :)


Unknown said...

Happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland.

Great fun photos :)

Bobbi said...

He's full of trouble...must be the cousin to our leprechaun... haha! (I finally put photos on my blog if you want to see what mischief happened at our house this week)