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May 19, 2010

{ GW }

I am FINALLY getting Girls Weekend {or GW} pictures up! Sorry it has taken me so long.

Okay! Last year we started a GW tradition of a Favorite Things exchange. Each of us brings 7 of 1 item that is one of our favorite things and we exchange them. So then we go home with 7 different fun items. Does that make sense? Probably not. Sorry. Here were our favorite things last year...
And this years...

It is such a fun tradition. We don't go crazy, in fact it's always tricky trying to find something that's not too expensive. Mom was watching through the window while we did the exchange...

Hey, wait! Aren't you supposed to be in Hawaii, Mom? Yep, Mom couldn't be with us this year because her & Dad are in Hawaii, serving a mission for our church. But, we wanted her there with us, so we came up with an idea...
Okay, okay! I know we're cheesy, but we thought it was funny. We put a picture of our mom's face on a cardboard movie stand up thing. ha, ha! It freaked us out most of the time, but it was nice to see Mom's beautiful smile every day.

Anyway, we like to try a new craft every GW and since Sheri was our hostess {each of us take turns hosting at our homes}, she got to choose the craft. I'm sure you have all seen those cute flowers that have the burnt edges, yes? We gave it a try...

Can you see my mom's cutout in the background? Looking good, Mom!

Of course, I forgot to take a picture of everyone's creations. Duh! But here is Mom wearing one of the flowers that Sheri made. hee, hee. We crack ourselves up.

I took a picture this morning of my two, yes I only made two, flowers. Pretty, though...

The next day, Sheri's friend & makeup artist, Sloan, came over to show us makeup tricks. She is the beautiful girl in the back with the turquoise earrings.

She was so nice & really helped those of us who are makeup :)

And here we all are, minus two who couldn't make it...

Okay, minus three who couldn't make it...we love you, Mom, Katie & Erin...
from left to right: Jamie, Sheri, Traci, Laurel, April & Bob

Until next year girls!

P.S. We had some good eatin' at GW. Sheri sure is a great cook. She sent me her recipes & we will be sharing them in our next post.

May 12, 2010

{ Girls Weekend Starts Tomorrow! }

I can't wait to see my sisters!

May 22, 2009

{ Girls Weekend & The Garden I Wish Was Mine }

I took a little weekend trip to Utah {at my mom's house} last weekend for my annual Girl's Weekend. {That's a lot of weekends in one sentence} It includes my 5 sisters, 2 sis-in-laws & my mom. This one marked our 10th year!

We have so much fun crafting, shopping, talking, staying up late, sleeping in & just goofing around! Three days of no kids, no husbands, no responsibilities. It's awesome!

My parents moved into this house last year & now that the snow has, finally, melted they have been working like crazy making the yard useful & beautiful. This little spot is by their front door.

In this corner of the backyard, my dad put his his new shed. One of my sisters helped him stain-wash it so it wouldn't look so new & my dad recently painted the door green.

My dad, also, made this sign. I think it's so fun! He's an engineer so I'm sure that each direction is accurate & he notched out the wood to make it so. He's amazing!

My mom has collected some fun things through the years from thrift shops, garage sales, trash cans, etc. She is the queen of finding a diamond in the rough. Here she used an iron grate thingy {I know, good description} as a planter box.

This is my mom's collection of bird feeders/nests hanging in the tree. There's some homemade one's from grandkids, gifts from family & friends, thrifted ones, etc. Can you tell that everyone knows what my mom loves? It's very whimsical.

We girls bought my parents these garden bees to hang with her collection. They are made from wood with metal details. The eyes are my favorite. They are bottle caps with nails head pupils. Very cute! When we gave them to my parents we told them it was because they are "busy bees" in the garden. The one with the curled up eyelashes is my mom. {you may have to enlarge to see the details}

And speaking of the garden...are you jealous?!! I know I am! They have everything you can think of growing in their garden. Lucky! {said in a Napoleon Dynamite way}

And here's all 9 of us being goofy on the swings. You can't see it in this picture, but the post that goes across the top of the swing set is actually a huge branch from the tree in the neighbor's yard. It is awesome!

I hope you enjoyed the garden tour. Have a beautiful weekend!