February 28, 2008

{ Going Green...Brown & Cream }

I went to Roger's Gardens last month & they had this green, brown & cream color scheme going on. It was so beautiful. The 70 degree weather is calling me outdoors. Get ready, get set, go...garden!

February 27, 2008

{ Blue Bird on My Front Porch }

My bird arrived! I found her when I was checking a cute blog that I like to read now & then. The day I was on she had a picture of this little blue springtime bird she was selling on her online shop called one hundred wishes. I fell in love with it and ordered it on the spot! Yesterday my box arrived on the front porch. I was so excited when I opened it and saw how cute the presentation was. I even got a bonus lollipop. This little birdie has a clip so I can clip her on anything I want. I'm looking for the perfect place for her. Now I'm totally ready for spring!

February 25, 2008

{ Grandpa's Hutch }

I'm not really sure if this piece is called a hutch. It's more like a mini-hutch. But, whatever you call it, I love it! It was my grandpa's & I have had my eye on it (in my sister's house) for a very long time. Last October when I was at my sister's house in Utah I told her about my love for this mini-hutch & asked if she ever thought about getting rid of it that she keep me in mind. Well, I think in a moment of weakness (I like to think it was an overwhelming feeling of sisterly love) she said I could have it! I was more than happy, I was overjoyed! Now I just had to figure out how to get it through a couple of states to my house. The wheels in my head started turning...at that time my parents were traveling a bit between their houses in St. George & Mt. Pleasant, which is close to my sister's. My mom agreed to pick it up for me & then my parents drove it to the St. George home. Next, another sister (who lives in Nevada)drove to St. George to visit & picked it up & took it to her house for me. The mini-hutch then made it's final journey when my sis came out to California to visit. Phew! It was a long journey, but it held up well. I love, love, love it! It goes perfectly in my family room with the furniture I already have & it has special meaning to me because it was my grandpa's. I have 3 old books of his that I keep inside of it & I thoroughly enjoy decorating it for the holidays. So, a shout out to my sis, Laurel...thank you for grandpa's hutch. It brings me much joy every single day! Love you.

Here's some holiday decorating:

Easter. (Yay for spring!)

Halloween(my favorite). Can you see the rat underneath?

Thanksgiving (needs work)

Amazingly, I couldn't figure out what to do for Christmas. I hope I can figure it out by the time it comes around again. My other dilemma...what will I do when it's not a holiday?

February 24, 2008

{ Getting Organized in the Kitchen }

I've had a problem with my recipes. I've tried to organize them a few times but never found a system that worked. Finally I figured it out. I typed up all the recipes that I like & use and threw the rest away! Phew! It felt so good. I now have five small binders in categories. Now if I need some dinner ideas when I'm planning my menu for the week, I pull out the Main Dish book & flip through it. And on the front page I have a list of dinners that don't really have a recipe like tacos or Bear Creek Tortilla Soup (which is a dry mix that you just add water to & is sooo good). This way I can remember all of my dinner options. I used to have such a hard time coming up with what to make and this has really helped in my quest to make home-cooked meals at least 5 times a week.

February 23, 2008

{ New Clock }

I bought this new clock at Michaels. I got a great deal with my coupon! But I'm thinking everything is too dark. Should I paint the little birds a creamy white to lighten it up a little?

February 22, 2008

{ New Obsession }

Hi all! So, this is another new blog for me. I have been inspired by other totally charming,and not to mention fun, blogs and decided I wanted a place to keep track of all my little obsessions...you know...decorating, stamping, gardening, etc. Just anything that I think is beautiful or creative or fun to share. I hope you enjoy it!