July 31, 2008

{ Just a Girl }

My husband left yesterday to take 11 Boyscouts {my son being one of them} to hike Half Dome in Yosemite. He is my son's Scoutmaster and, boy, has he found his calling in life. He is a hiking, mountain biking, camping, anything outdoors kind of guy and has been looking forward to this hike from the day the idea formed in his head. Now I know there are fires threatening Yosemite, not to mention bears and the possibility that you can fall off of Half Dome pretty easily but, I'm not thinking about those things...not at all. I reminded my son before he left not to leave any food or food wrappers or food stains on his shirt or food crumbs inside his tent so that he wouldn't get dragged off by a bear so, I'm sure he will be fine. {I'm a little bit of a worrier, can you tell?}

My hubby took my...okay our...camera with him, which I hate because it's like cutting off a limb. Although, I would like a new one {camera, not limb} so maybe it will drop off the side of the mountain by accident {camera, not hubby}. Wow, was that a major side note or what? That's what happens when you type it as you think it.


Because my husband is out of town, I have lots of guilt free blogging time! And while catching up on Mrs. Jones blog I found the hilarious Chris and her blog Just a Girl. I'm telling you, people, {all 2 of you that read this} you must visit her blog.

She is so much fun! Is it a little wierd that I want to be her friend after just reading her blog? Maybe. Probably. But I laughed reading her stories. She has a beautiful home, a beautiful family and she loves a beautiful bargain. And, boy, does she find the bargains. Check out this, as she called it, "deal of the decade"...

It retails at Pottery Barn for $699 but, she found it for $77! I need to do some shopping with this gal so, I can find me some killer deals like that!

So, go check out her beautiful home, the gazillion great deals she's found and how she made a pizza with her daughter {not with her...with her}. Enjoy your day!

July 30, 2008

{ Love Birds Wedding }

Just thinking about how fun it would be to have a bird/nest themed wedding...

You could use these invitations by Wedding Paper Divas

or these by Favor Ideas.

Isn't this cute for place cards from Best Wedding Sites.

This cake was inspired by a Lenox china pattern. Isn't she a beauty? You can find her at Lovin Sullivan Cakes.

Or try a fun wedding topper by Ann Wood handmade. So very cute!

The cute etsy shop Rainsend made this adorable wedding ring pillow.

And you have to send them home with a favor. How about a personalized mint tin from beau coup

or egg shaped candies in a bird nest with a tag by Best Wedding Sites.

My head is swimming with all of the fun ideas you could do with this. Maybe one of my three girls will want a Love Birds theme for their wedding. I will save these ideas...just in case!

UPDATE: Ms. Sassypants decided today that she is going to have a garden gnome wedding theme. Like she says...we never agree. Somebody help me! :)

July 29, 2008

{ Shake It Up }

We had a 5.4 earthquake here in Southern California just before noon. Our hanging lights were swaying a bit but, nothing broke or even fell over. It was felt from Los Angeles to San Diego and even a little bit in Las Vegas. I haven't heard of any damage. It was considered a moderate earthquake but, it did seem to last for a while.

{ Inspiration: Kids Rooms }

While perusing the internet yet again for ideas for Ms. Sassypants room, I found some great ones. They're not all girls rooms but fun rooms with great inspiration!

All photos are from the Coastal Living website

Also, I wanted to say thank you to all of the lovely gals who gave me ideas on what to put on the long metal stand in my hutch {see previous post}. There were some really great ideas!

July 25, 2008

{ Our Favorite Things }

Cindy over at My Romantic Home {a blog that I absolutely love & read every day!} is having a "Favorite Thing" weekend where we share our favorite thing in our home. Thanks, Cindy! What a fun idea!

Well, If you read my blog than you probably already know what my favorite thing is. I've talked about it before here and here. But, for those who haven't read my blog, I am happy to talk about this piece again!

This is my Grandpa's hutch. I love it so much I might marry it!

It holds some old books that belonged to him

and some of my salt & pepper shaker collection.

I love changing things out in it for the holidays. But, I still can't figure out what to put on the long metal stand that's on the middle shelf. If you have any ideas for me, I would love to hear them!

{ The OC Fair }

We went to the Orange County Fair on Wednesday...

This guy was carving a huge block of cheese in a plexi-glass room...what?

There was other art there besides the cheese...Here are a few pieces I enjoyed the most from the visual arts competition {my favorite part of the fair}...

Artist: Daryl Gortner

We start off with a huge lollipop! This painting was about 4 feet tall.

Artist: Jen Chow

This was a neat technique. It was layers of spray paint using stencils.

Here's a closer view. Very cool!

Artist: Crystal Maes

I loved this fun painting of marbles in a glass.

Artist: Fay Kanzenbach

Isn't she beautiful?

Artist: Gary Sands

This painting was really neat. It looked so 3D but everything was painted including the candy wrappers, thumbtack & frame! People kept putting their noses right up to the painting because it looked that real!

Here's a closer view. Very cool!

Artist: Max Yamada

I love the colors in this one!

Artist: Veronica Kortz

How fun are boots nailed to a tree.

Artist: Bernhardt

And of course for all of you Pride & Prejudice fans, here is a beautiful painting portrait of Jane. I hope you enjoyed the show!

July 24, 2008

{ I Won! }

I entered a giveaway on The Cottage Nest & I won this book!

I love her blog & am very excited that I actually won something! Yay!

July 21, 2008

{ Final Tour }

This is the final tour in our Tour de Family...at least until my sister, TC, {yay, not an animal} gets into her first home in a couple of weeks. Have I mentioned I have a lot of siblings?...seven, to be exact. Most of the family live in the same state, less than an hour from each other. A few of us {three, including me} rebelled or something & live a state or two away. I'm lucky to, at least, have a sister around the corner from me.

This is Duckie's beautiful home. Duckie has a knack for accessorizing...among other talents. I am constantly nagging her to help my accessorizing challenged self . This is a little difficult seeing that we live so far apart so, being the nagger that I am, I went to her home & took pictures to get ideas.

They just remodeled their kitchen. Her island has wheels on it so she can move it around wherever she needs it. Genius!

July 20, 2008

{ Another Tour }

I'm sad to say I didn't win the canning giveaway. :(

But, on a good note, I have another home tour for you today! This is my sister, Ape's home. {no, that is not her real name & no, she is not offended by it. It is just a nickname that we've used for years.} I'm not sure how these nicknames for my family all became animals. Maybe because our home was such a zoo...ha, ha...I crack me up!...ANYWAY...

Ape is an amazing do-it-yourselfer. She has more energy than anyone I know. She's so busy with work, church duties & being a mom and still has the energy to sand, paint & be creative with her amazing home finds. She can always find a good deal! I envy her energy {as you know, I still haven't finished decorating my daughter's room}. So, enjoy the few pictures I got of her home.

I should have taken more pictures of all the homes. I just don't get to see these people that often & visiting with them was on my mind way more than taking pictures of their homes. I have one more home to show you tomorrow.

July 17, 2008

{ Canning Giveaway }

I was reading Notes from a Cottage Industry blog this morning and read about Sandy who is having a giveaway on her blog! I really want to win this one!!!

{ Tour de Bobcat }

Today we will be taking a tour of my sis-in-law's fabulous home. Let's call her Bobcat. She is not just a sister-in-law, she is a sister & these pictures don't do justice to her beautiful blue walls. You feel Right at Home whenever you visit her.

These were pictures her two girls drew that my mom embroidered. They hang in the collage above the couch. I love that!