March 20, 2009

{ Unplug }

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love the computer. And I, especially, love blogging. I am so inspired by the many wonderful & creative women out there who share their skills with us on their blogs. I decided to start my Right at Home blog as a creative outlet for me. As a stay at home mom with four kids, it gets a little crazy, busy around here just doing the every day things we gotta' do. And sometimes I felt like I was forgetting how to use that creative side of my brain. Does that make sense? I saw a blog as a way to keep that part of me motivated. And it has. Funny enough, it kind of worked too well. What I mean is, it sort of took over my life. The computer was taking up all of my time. I knew I needed to find a balance & decided to make some rules for myself. Don't worry, there are only two. Here they are:

1. Don't check blogs until after 12:00 noon. {Bloglines is an awesome way to follow your favorite blogs!}

2. Only check on blogs once a day.

Even though they're simple, these 2 rules have given me a bit more balance in my day. It frees up my time to work on projects, play with the kids, read books, clean the house. And, at the same time, I don't feel deprived of my blogging addiction. Now don't get me wrong, I fudge on these rules now & then...okay, quite often...but, it still helps to keep myself in check.

Kimba over at A Soft Place to Land wrote a post on this topic as well & it looks like, from the comments she received, it is something many of you out there are concerned with also. In fact, it is what inspired me to write this post. And she is giving us a challenge to UNPLUG.

Here's what Kimba said...
"...I have declared next Friday, March 27th as Unplug Friday. That gives you a whole week to prepare to Unplug from whatever it is that distracts you from what really matters. For me, that means no computer AT ALL. No blog, no email, no twitter. Nothing. For 24 hours. And I'll be doing things that have been getting pushed aside because they haven't been a priority. Maybe it will be a outing...a nap?"

"Can you do it? Can you Unplug for 24 hours? Maybe for you it's not the computer...maybe it's the television or the blackberry or...or...or. We all have our own distractions. I'm challenging you to turn off those distractions for 24 hours."

I love this idea & have decided I'd like to give a try. So, Kimba, I accept your challenge. This may not seem hard for some of you but, for me...well, let's just say, I'll do my best. :) I put the button up there on my sidebar so, if you're interested in joining the challenge, click on it find out more.

March 18, 2009

{ The Garden is Calling }

I love this time of year. I love that I can open the windows to feel the cool breeze & smell the fresh cut grass. The kids are able to get outside to ride their bikes & run around. This is also the time of year that my garden begins to call to me. I love having a garden. There's just something about planting a little seed or plantling & watching it grow into something beautiful & useful.

Last night, Boo & I started some seeds in our little plastic greenhouse that we picked up at Home Depot for $6.99. This year, besides the herbs, we are planting green onions, yellow onions, zuchinni, cucumbers, watermelon, pumpkins, peppers, broccoli {if I can find it} & tomatoes. Also, we are going to be planting some sunflowers up on the top of our slope, just for fun. I think the kids will like that.

March 16, 2009

{ It's a Beautiful Day }

Wow! What a beautiful sunny day it is here in Southern California. I am ready for spring & I am feeling like I should put out my Easter decorations soon. I did have a little crisis last Thursday. I lost my camera! I was really freaking out because, although, I do need a new camera, I can not afford to buy one right now. Especially, since I had to get a new computer because my old one was dying. But, all is well. I found it in the lost & found at church. Phew!

Don't you just love this cute miniature birdcaged bird? It's only about 3" tall. I found it while at my mom's in January. The bird swing actually swings & I love the sheet music that lines the bottom of the cage. It makes me smile when I look at it. All of my girls want it for themselves but, I keep it on my desk & tell them that they can visit little LuLu {that's what we named her} whenever they want. And, yep, that's my little family in the picture in the background.
Hey! Guess what?!! I won a giveaway! I know, I can hardly believe it myself. I never win! Kasey over at Lola B's was having a wonderful giveaway that included goodies from her fun shop! Here are the goods...
She had them all wrapped up beautifully and even added a few extra goodies like the old book pages rolled up & tied with pretty ribbon & a collection of old paint brushes with a beautiful bird tag & a reproduction key. I love it all! Thanks, Kasey!
I've written about her before but, just in case, I want to introduce you to her again. Everybody, this is Kasey...
And here's a few pictures of her pretty home...

So, this super cute lady owns her own shop, is a fabulous photographer & offers her design services. You must go check her out!

And, thanks again, Kasey!

March 9, 2009

{ Where the heck have I been, anyway? }

Heavens! Where does the time go?!!! I have been pretty busy here with, oh, you know, just stuff that you don't really want to hear about. Every day I think, "I need to post or no one will ever come back to my blog." and then just can't seem to find the time, energy or topic to post about. Have you ever felt like that? There are so many wonderful bloggers out there who have something fun & creative to post about every day. I just can't keep up. But, thank you, to those who stick with me. Even when it seems I've fallen off the face of the earth. And speaking of those wonderful people...I was tagged by Amber at {aefilkins}.

Here are the rules of the game:

1. When you are tagged you are asked to list eight random facts about yourself and post them on your blog for visitors to enjoy.

2. Tag eight of your blogging friends and leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to join in the fun if they have the opportunity. (If not, that's okay. They can still enjoy the random facts everyone shares :) Be sure to list a link to your eight friends in your posting.

Here are my random facts:

  1. I am not a morning person.
  2. I am always cold. Especially, my nose & hands.
  3. I love my birthday! It's a day all about me. How can that be bad. {It's coming up next month, by the way :) }
  4. I hate movies & books with sad endings.
  5. Darn waffles! Love 'em!
  6. I love to laugh & I have a very loud laugh. I'm talking an open mouth, head thrown back kind of laugh. I try to keep it in control but, just can't seem to. It is embarrassing!
  7. I like to play cards & board games.
  8. It makes my day when someone laughs at one of my jokes.

And here are the people I tag, if they choose to accept the challenge. (:

  1. Carrie at Buzzings of a Queen Bee
  2. Kasey at Lola B's
  3. Ashley at Domestic Fashionista
  4. Amanda at Imperfectly Beautiful
  5. AJ at A Work in Progress
  6. M.L. at House of Whimsey
  7. Joy at Joys of Home
  8. Bethie at Chic Junque

I was also given this lovely award from Caryl at The he{ART} of a Shopaholic.

So, sweet of her to include me in her top 10 favorite blogs. And here is my top 10 Fav's {other than the list above}...
Nesting Place
Just a Girl
c jane enjoy it
{ A }
A Soft Place to Land
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The High Heeled Mama
The Lettered Cottage
the little things

There are so many wonderful blogs out there. Some on this list I have been following for quite a while & some I just found. But they are all wonderful! You really should go check them out!

And, finally, an idea is forming for our wallpaper-less guest bathroom. Thanks for the suggestions. They always help! I hope to get going on it soon.