June 2, 2009

{ A New York Minute }

I'm not sure exactly what that means, but if I had to guess a "New York Minute" is a lot quicker than a regular minute, seeing how crazy fast everything moves there. I thought I'd do a quick post about our trip to New York last week. What? I didn't tell you that we were going to New York? I know, I'm sorry. It was a bit crazy around here getting ready to go. We went with my sister & her husband to celebrate his & my hubby's 40th birthdays. Here's just a few pictures from the gazillion that we took.

Grand Central Station {Sorry it's so fuzzy. Proof that a new camera would be nice.}

Times Square {it was really misty so that's why there are a few spots}

Empire State Building

Statue of Liberty. This was my favorite.

I was reading Pioneer Woman's blog yesterday & apparantly, we were there at the same time. We were both even at the same parade on Sunday. Alas, I did not see her. That would have been awesome! Her pictures of New York are beautiful. Much better than mine.

It was a fun little trip but, I'm happy to be home. So are my legs. There was so much walking. Walking, walking, walking! I had no idea there were that many muscles in the legs that could ache. I was grateful for the subway rides.

Anyway, a huge thank you to my sister, TC, & her hubby for watching my four munchkins so we could go. We owe them big time! We still have a few more weeks of school {ugh!} and then I hope to get started on all my summer projects.