July 30, 2009

{ Thanks, Mom! }

Thanks, Mom, for giving me the shelf that Grandpa made! We found the perfect spot for it! I didn't think I had any walls left for this piece but knew I wanted it in my home. I love things that are passed down from family. It was, actually, Sassypants who came up with the perfect spot. Her room, of course!

She helped me carry it up there & we put things in it that she likes & uses the most. She loves it! And I didn't even have to paint it, which is the best part!
It has the perfect spot to hold her hibiscus photos. I Mod Podged them onto canvas so they look like paintings. Her great grandma's paintings are in there too. Hopefully, we will find a spot to hang them all soon.

And we figured out what to do with the hook that was on the side. She really needed a place to hang her purse so, it works out perfectly! After it was all finished, Miss Sassypants told me how cool it was to have something that her great-grandpa made in her room. I was so glad that she appreciates those types of things too. Thanks, again, Mom!

July 29, 2009

{ A New Look : A New Idea }

How do you like the new look? There have been a few changes. I've added a few authors {check them out over there to the left}...8 new authors to be exact! They include my 5 sisters, 2 sister-in-laws & my mom {or mamacita}. They are all very talented & creative women who share my love of decorating, crafting, gardening, etc. We are all interested in making our homes a beautiful & comfortable place for our families so, we seem to call each other for advice & ideas. What better place to share those ideas than on a blog? This way you all get to see them too!

We're still under a little bit of construction but, new posts should be coming soon!