December 17, 2009

{ Busy Christmas Time }

Wow! Such a busy time! I love Christmas, but have a hard time with the stress, busyness, etc. I'm trying really hard to change my attitude & embrace all of it this year. I have to tell you, it is nice sometimes to just give in to it rather than fight it. It makes those quiet, family times that much better, right? Like last night, we all sat down together as a family for dinner. It seems like this hasn't happened much lately. It was so wonderful.
{ the Christmas quilt I finished with Sheri's help :) }
{ metal tree with a tiny picture of our wedding day }
{ I love my vintage ornament wreath }
So, how about you? Are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or overly busy? Or do you just go with the flow? I would love to know your ideas for a stress free holiday.


Susan said...

I'm trying to go with the flow also this year. So far it's worked pretty good. The only advise I can give is stay organized, make lists and tackle one thing at a time.

Kimba said...

Oh my word! Your quilt is beautiful! I'm so impressed.

Nina Diane said...

I decided a long time ago to quit stressing over doing it all. Now, I only do what must be done, the other stuff if I have time then fine, if's ok. I enjoy the season so much more with my new attitude. I think back to my own childhood and it was the times with family at home that was the most fun. So that was my inspiration.