March 31, 2010

{ Jazz Up a Plain Old Plant }

Hi all! I thought I would get in one more post before sending my laptop away for yet another new hard drive replacement. Argh! But, let's not think of that today, let's focus on something fun!

I made this for a friend who needs a little pick me up. To jazz up the plain old ivy, I printed out a vintage Easter postcard & mounted it on cardstock then placed it in a card holder pick thingy. The little tin was from the $1 section at Target last summer. I picked up a bunch of them knowing I would use them and they sure have come in handy. I wrapped the plant in a little bit of burlap and it's done! Easy peasy!
As I was putting that one together, I had the idea to make one to hold a giftcard for another friend's birthday.
This one is a bigger plant, so I printed the Easter postcard a bit larger and taped a bit of cardstock to the back to hold the giftcard. Tip: fold the cardstock right around the giftcard to make sure it's nice & snug, then tape it to the back with double-stick tape.
I, also, thought it would be fun to use one of my tarnished silver forks to hold the postcard.
This would work great for any holiday or birthday celebration. I really like how they turned out and it was easy!
Cute & easy...what a great combo! :)

March 30, 2010

{ Martha, Martha, Martha }

That Martha sure has some good ideas, doesn't she?...

March 29, 2010

{ Easter Goodies }

I want to show you these cute thank you's that we gave out to our Primary teachers {they teach the kids 18 months to 11} at our church. They are so cute! I wish I could take credit for this idea, but that goes to a new blog called eighteen25!
On Saturday, I found this eighteen25 & she had a free download of these cute toppers. They were so easy to do, especially, because a row of PEEPS fit perfectly in a snack size ziploc bag. The pictures are from her blog...I didn't take pictures of mine, cuz they turned out just as cute as hers! Yay!

I will definitely be checking back in on eighteen25. She has lots of fun ideas!
Also, I'd also like to share this beautiful Easter centerpiece that Sheri put together...

Ahhhh, I love Spring!

March 24, 2010

{ My Grandpa's Hutch...Yet, Again! }

I know, I know, stop with the Grandpa hutch posts. But, wait! I wanted to show you just a few changes I've made.
This is the hutch before...

I was inspired by your hutch, Laurel {below}. I love how orderly it looks. And you know me and orderliness.

So, I searched my home for books. It was a bit tricky because my shelves are very short. Many books that I tried were just too tall. I decided to use some of my favorite children's books. The top shelf is our collection of Nancy Drew books. I loved them when I was a kid & now Ms. Sassypants loves them too.

Here's the after...
The bottom shelf is classics such as Little House on the Prairie, the Narnia series, Little Women, The Secret Garden, etc. It makes me happy to see my favorite books in here.

Also, I don't know if you can see the little elephants on the top shelf? There's a story behind those. My Grandma used to have a collection of little elephant trinkets and she always said they had to be positioned so that their trunks were facing the East for good luck! I decided I wanted to start the my own collection in her memory so, that is the start of it. My hubby gave me the larger Lladro one for Christmas.

I changed things around up top, too. I'm not sure it's quite right yet, but don't you love the framed poem? I bought it from My Sweet Savannah's etsy shop. I'm loving it! Sorry for the awful picture. It is soooo hard to get a picture without the window lights blaring behind me. Any suggestions for that?

I changed the lamp a little too. {the before is on the left} It was always a tad too tall {say that 5 times fast!} for me so, one day when Traci was over we decided to take the plastic "candle" part off to make it shorter. Easy, right?...Wrong! We took it out to the garage and took it apart and realized we had to cut down the metal shaft that runs down the center. Ugh! I hand sawed & sawed that thing {with sparks flying} until we got it the right length and reassembled it!
Then, I switched out the dingy old lampshade for a smaller white one and it looks much better!

I added this basket underneath with some cozy quilts. I don't reallly like this under there, but I need a place to keep the blankets & this will have to work for now.

Can you see the little bunnies on the bottom shelf?

They represent my three girls...Sassypants, Peanut & Boo. They all think that's pretty cool...even Sassypants! Boo found it while we were at Home Goods a while ago & wanted it so badly. I think I will keep it forever!

Well, I hope you were able to stand talking about my Grandpa's hutch, again, with me. If you made it to the end of this post...thanks for being such devoted readers! :)

March 22, 2010

{ New Blog Love }

I wanted to share with you a wonderful blog that I found!
Sausha's blog {show & tell} is brand new, but it already has some really great ideas!

Her home is beautiful & I love what she's done to her laundry room!

I've got some serious laundry room envy here! First of all, I wish I had a laundry "room". Mine is more of a pass through to the bathroom. But, I love the shelf she built under their washer & dryer!

What a fabulous idea for storing your laundry baskets! I am soooo doing this!

And check out this really fun playroom! I love the chalkboard on the bottom part of the walls!

And this dresser used to hold the television! Love it!

So, yes, I'm in love...go visit Sausha & give her a nice warm welcome to blog land! I know you will love her blog as much as I do!

March 11, 2010

{ A Post for/by Laurel }

I finally got to see a few pictures of Laurel's house! It's looking so great! So, I asked her if I could put them on our blog. She would have done it herself but she is still new to the whole blogging thing. I uploaded the pictures for her & pasted her email explanation of the photos {in green italics}...

So, here it goes...
The Living Room: It was painted a very yellow mustard color & the fireplace was all red brick.

"Fireplace How To: We screwed furring strips onto the brick so we had something to nail the beadboard paneling to (I know I took a picture, but I can’t find it). I found the corbels at a local woodworking shop, that was the expensive part, $50 each. The rest is made from a sheet of MDF. Even the mantle is just two thicknesses that we glued together so we didn’t have to buy the expensive thick stuff. We caulked and painted everything off-white including the brick (remember the lovely Dijon mustard color?). The whole project was about $300."
"I’m staining the wicker chair that I pulled from my patio so it will be very dark again and I’m taking down the wicker baskets next to the magnet board over my desk. I’m also finding something to hang on either side of my Joseph/Christ picture over the couch. Then I will be done!"
"I just made the curtains and floral pillows from sale fabric. I also took a big, round tablecloth that I didn’t’ need any more, cut off the pleated ruffle and made the smaller tablecloth behind the wicker chair and the small ruffled pillow on the couch."
Love that "Nest" pillow... ;)
"Master bedroom: this is a “before” picture. I’m planning on painting the walls the same color as the living room and maybe changing the bedding a little."
"Master bath: just used what I had, nothing special here."
Well, Laurel, I am loving it! Everything is looking sooooo wonderful! I can't wait to see the updates!
And, it's a, you & a blogging lesson at Girl's Weekend! :)

March 10, 2010

{ First Blooms }

I had to bring them inside so we could enjoy them!
I can't wait for Spring!

March 9, 2010

{ Little Peg Family }

There are so many cute Peg People out there & they are so cute that I just had to give them a try.
I started with a Mom, Dad and two daughters {Peanut & Boo}.
Then they had twins! {No! I'm not announcing anything!}
Then Grandma & Grandpa came to visit!
They all stood in front of Boo's barn for a family picture.
Don't they look like a happy little family?
It is super easy & fun to do. I got the unfinished pegs at Michael's. Pick any size you want. Grab some paints or markers & get creative! Don't forget to spray a clear finish on them to seal.

Here are a few more pictures to inspire you...
I like how they made pets for this family.

And aren't these superhero pegs the best?!!

I've also seen wedding couples, fairy tales, movies {Oh, you know I've already started a Star Wars one!}, various jobs {policeman, fireman, etc.}, musicians, actors...

Now, go get your craft on!

March 8, 2010

{ Things I'm Loving }

Just wanted to share a few things that I'm loving right now.
My birthday is coming up...hint, hint, my dearest hubby! :)

Don't you just love looking at beautiful things?

Have a happy day!