August 31, 2010

{ Revamp of Grandpa's Stools }

I'm sorry I didn't get this post up yesterday.
I forgot I promised Ms. Sassy that I would take her to the mall.
We don't go to the mall much, so it was a special all day occasion.

I have had these stools for years.
They were my Grandpa's.
So even though my hubby begged to throw them away at least once a month, I couldn't part with them.
I, finally, sanded & repainted them.
There were at least 4 layers of...I'm pretty sure...lead paint on them.
And they were really beaten up.
When my kids would sit on them, their pants would catch on slivers of the wood.
While sanding them in my driveway, a neighbor came over & asked if it was worth the work for a little stool.
I said, "Yes! They were my Grandpas!"
But, I'm also very happy with how they turned out.

What do you think?

I added the numbers to the top for fun.
My hubby & 15 year old son haven't stopped teasing me that we have a #1 & #2 stool.
Leave it to boys to have potty minds.

They make our little work station complete.

And I fixed the messy cord problem...

Ahhh, much better!
I stuck the power strip & cords inside the basket on the bottom for a much cleaner look.

I'm so excited to have them done!
But, I have to admit, after so many years, I kind of miss the orange paint.
Just a little.

Hope you're having a fantastic week!

August 28, 2010

{ Cleaner Days }

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.
My home is crazy messy right now, so I thought I would post some pictures of cleaner times.
I know, you're thinking I should be picking it up instead.
But that's not as fun. :)

Also, if you want to smile, check this out!
It's awesome.
And funny.

And, I finished one of my summer projects.
That means I can now check 2 items off of my my summer project list.
Only 6 more items to go & 2 weeks of summer left.
So much for my idea of getting that list complete just by posting it on the blog.

I can't wait to show you my finished project on Monday!

August 27, 2010

{ Basket Love }

I love baskets.
I have them all over my home.
On my stairs, in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom, etc, etc.

I love how these baskets were used in the kitchen...

I'm looking forward to a lovely weekend spent with family.
There's always something going on when you & your husband come from families of 8 kids!

Happy Weekend!

August 24, 2010

{ Pleasantly Purple }

A bit of inspiration for my niece...
who loves purple!
sources unknown

August 20, 2010

{ Chore Charts Complete...Finally! }

I am so sorry I didn't get this up sooner.
My computer has been giving me trouble for the last few days.
I hate that!
But, we figured it out & I get to show you my chore charts before the weekend.

So, yes! My chore charts are complete...
And we have been using them!
So, here's a little tutorial.
Although, I'm sure you could totally figure it out on your own.
And, I apologize ahead of time for not taking pictures of each step.
I am lame at tutorials.
Here we go...

My Supply List:
7" x 9" wooden plaques {I got mine at Michaels}
black craft paint for base
white craft paint for lettering
7/8", white cup hooks
sawtooth picture hangers

Obviously, you can change the size, shape, color, etc. to your taste.

Step 1: Get your ugly vinyl tablecloth out to protect whatever surface you are working on.

Step 2: Paint your plaques {I just used the cheap foam brushes for this}

Step 3: Print out your words. {I used the Engravers MT font}
Step 4: Rub chalk onto the backside of your paper, behind the words.
Step 5: Using a pencil, trace the words onto your plaque.

Then it should look like this.

Step 6: Using a small paintbrush, paint in your words.

Step 7: Sand sides, front & edges until you think it looks good.
Step 8: Attach picture hangers to the back.
Step 9: Screw a cup hook under each title, onto the front.

Step 10: Create, print & cut out each chore card. {Mine turned out to be about 2 1/2" x 3 3/4"}
Step 11: Laminate your chore cards.
Step 12: Punch a hole at the top of each chore card. { Make sure to punch the hole high enough that they will hang onto the hooks properly. I didn't do this & had to make a little elongated hole on all of them. Bummer! }

Hang 'em up & you're done!
Again, sorry for the absent pictures.
I promise to do a better job on my next tutorial.

At first I was going to put their names on them.
But after I decided to hang them under their pictures, I knew they would figure out which one was theirs. :)

This grouping is hanging upstairs in the hallway by the bedrooms.
I am loving this system so far.
I just pick out what chores I want them to do for the day & hang them on the "TO DO" side.
When all the cards are moved over to the "DONE" side, then I know that they get tv/computer/play time.

On a side note,
Maybe you're asking yourself why I hang school pictures of my kids instead of beautifully composed, perfect photos.
It's simple.
I think school pictures are fun.
They are a funny part of life.
In my opinion.
And I enjoy replacing them each year.
So I do it for my own entertainment, I suppose. :)
Ha, ha!

I am so happy to have this done.
It was super cheap & easy.
If you decide to make these for your family, please let me know.
I would love to see them!

August 8, 2010

{A Whirlwind Remodel}

All I did was paint my living room walls a new color... 

...and then my sister-in-laws (Jamie and Sheri) came to visit for a week and there was no looking back!  
After hours (and days) of rummaging thru garage sales and thrift stores, painting, sanding, and sewing... a completely new room emerged! 

Here are the BEFORE pictures....

And here are the AFTER pictures...

Can you believe the difference?!  It's so much lighter and casual.  I love it!  We painted the wood shelves on the wall cottage white along with the bottom of the coffee table.  My other awesome sister-in-law, April and I sewed the new pillows.  She is a great person to sew with... she is so fast!

 There is the end table from the before picture that we found at a thrift store and painted white.  It still needs knobs.  But isn't it so much cuter now?!

In this picture you can get a better view of the cool red shutters we found at a garage sale for $1 each.  The other one is hung on the right side, on the other side of the bay window.

The shelf now holds a collection of pitchers and a platter we hung on the back.

I didn't get a before picture of the chair, but the wood parts were plain old brown, until they got painted too!  The chair sits opposite the couches.

So I guess that's it.  It never would have happened without everyone's ideas and working together.  Thanks Jamie, Sheri and April.  I love you guys!

August 4, 2010

{ I Apologize }

Holy lack of blogging, Batman!
I am so sorry!
We have been in and out of town.
In fact, we are leaving again this week for Lake Powell.
So it's been a bit crazy around here.

I've finished my chore charts but haven't had time to hang them.
It looks like chores are going to have to wait until after Lake Powell.
Holy slacker, Batman!

But, I didn't want to leave without showing you a couple of beautiful photos & a really clever idea.

I'm sure you've heard of the wonderful blog 320 Sycamore.
But, just in case, check out her beautiful entry.
I love the framed number over each hook.
I love the baskets on top.
I love that you can store shoes underneath.
And I love the bench.
Holy, so many things to love, Batman!

Now, let's talk about the bench.
You'll never guess what it started out as.
A coffee table.
Yep, you heard me right.
It was a coffee table and she sawed it in half!
Holy genius, Batman!
If you want to read more about how she did it, go here.

I would love to do this on our entry wall.
If there was another place for our piano, I would do it in a heartbeat.
I will be back in a couple of weeks.
I hope you're enjoying your summer!

P.S. I have been know to speak in Holy Batman-isms in my daily life.
Don't tell anyone. :)