February 23, 2011

{Kid's Bathroom}

Sorry no finished picture yet, you can just look at the before in all her boring, blah, oak glory!

Her she is, the after! I love the difference! The walls were painted a soft beige. The towel hook was from Home Goods.

Here's a little towel rack I made from stuff laying around the house in the hopes that the kids will stop leaving their towels On. The. Floor! {Sheesh!} It works about half the time...

Here's a close up of the cabinets in their final state. What? You say. these cabinets look totally different! (Isn't it great!) I used my saw to cut out the centers of the cabinets, I really should have used a router, but I don't have one. Then I cut out sheets of beadboard and adhered them to the back of the door with Elmer's Glue (I couldn't find my wood glue!) and brad nails. After priming, the whole thing got a coat of light blue/grey paint. A lot of sanding, a bit of stain, and a truck load of polyurethane, and she's done.

The knobs came from Ikea. I like the more modern look of the knobs with the distressed look of the cabinets. I also love the shower curtain in the background. It originally came from Target, but I got it from my mom :)

Hope you like it!

February 22, 2011

{ Just Thinking }

Today I read some very interesting posts here & here.
source: unknown
And I'm really liking this idea.
Am I crazy?

February 17, 2011

{ Inspiration: Entries }

 I've been helping my niece decorate her condo & was looking for some entry inspiration.
There's so many wonderful ideas out there, but here are a few that I liked...

House Beautiful

Amy Butler

House Beautiful

February 16, 2011

{ Is it Spring Yet? }

I love Spring!!!  Every season I put different plants in this cute beverage container I found at Target.  I finally, after a few years, got up the courage to drill holes in the bottom.  Now it lasts a lot longer and doesn't get kind of funky from having it be to wet.

Here are some flowers that I planted on my porch.  I love the yellow ones, they are some kind of succulent.

We don't get a very long winter here in Nevada, but I still look forward to beautiful warm spring days!

February 9, 2011

{ Loft Facelift }

We started out with some ugly walls in this loft.  The blue stripes are left over from some corner shelves.  The previous owners had a pool table in here & there were 3 televisions mounted on the walls so I had lots of wires and outlets to contend with.

My daughter is always willing to help with projects, especially painting. My husband always calls her a mini-me! The paint I used on the walls was from Home Depot it is a light grey called Smooth Stone by Glidden. I was very happy that it covered the blue stripes really easily. It barely needed a 2nd coat. I painted over all the switch plates and plugs up toward the ceiling to help them disappear.

I, also, needed something to put our television on. Some of you may remember my kitchen redo a couple of months ago where I used the top of this hutch as a shelf painted to match the kitchen cabinets. Well, I still had the bottom half of the hutch and figured it would work nicely. It was left out in the rain for so long, I was worried that it wasn't going to recover.  I do love all the original hardware and for the top and the bottom it was only $20 so we gave it a try.

My son was willing to help with a little of the sanding.  It needed a lot of sanding!!!  I was hoping that I could keep the chipped paint look, but it was a little to far gone on the doors.

Here is the hutch painted and re-aged.  I used Behr Swiss Coffee to paint both the hutch and the bead board on the wall.

It's so nice to have all of the tv components put away.

I used some leftover wallpaper on the inside to make the shelves look a little more finished. The baskets are of course from Home Goods (my favorite store).

I've always loved this old oil painting (below).  It was hanging over the fireplace at Grandma's house. For the past 15 years I have had it sitting in my garage. I've put it out in the garbage twice, but always pull it back out at the last minute. I decided I either needed to use it or put it back in the trash.

I took it out of it's old broken frame and hid the hole in it behind a plant. After taking off the frame and cleaning it a bit I love it even more and it didn't cost me anything.  I love to shop in my garage!!!

So, once again, here is the before...

and the after...

I would love to make new pillows with more color and put up something on the wall above the other couch. Also, I think I need something on the window.  If anyone has a good idea let me know.

This room is sooooo much better.  I love to sit in here now.

February 8, 2011

{ Pictures on my Camera }

oh, how I love these daffodils

SpongeBob macaroni & cheese

best friends

pizookies {no chocolate sauce on Boo's in the back}

first time using sculpy
love my santa ornament...thanks to my niece for the inspiration

a surprise message from my friend

why are most of my pictures of food?

February 6, 2011

{ Oops, Here's the Kitchen Before... And a Close up of the Island }

 Sorry, I realized that in my haste, I forgot to give you the back story and before picture of my kitchen. Here's the post before with the before picture of the kitchen in it's former not so much glory...


UGH! I couldn't sleep the other night, so I turned on HGTV to zone out. Candice Olsen's Top Ten Kitchens was on. (See where I'm going with this) Such pretty kitchens! As most of you know, I hate my kitchen cabinets, and I only agreed to get them because I figured I'd paint them. Then, it seemed like such an undertaking, I've been putting it off ever since. Well, Candice inspired me, so I decided to paint and glaze my cabinets this week. Now I'm up to my eyeballs in paint splatter and I'm nowhere near being done...I have 40 some odd doors and drawers to do!!! (I always seem to blog when I have something I don't want to do) I guess I better get back to it. Wish me luck, and I'll post pictures when I'm finished. Here's a before...

PS Did I mention we're having a dinner party for six couples on Friday night!!!! Nothing like a little pressure...


....Here is a close up of the kitchen island. I added beadboard and some boards to give it some character.

Finally here are a couple of more current pictures so you can see how things have evolved...

February 5, 2011

{ My Kitchen }


I've been telling Jamie for a while that I would post a previous post from my private blog here on Right at Home. This is my kitchen redo from a couple of years ago. Thing have changed a bit since then, like my dining room table and chairs, but the overall difference between the before and after is AMAZING! I still love it, and the cabinets have held up great under the assault of four kids and a hubby. (And I still love the island color!)

Here she is....
I finally finished my kitchen! (And not a day to soon, I'm so fed up with painting... even though I do have another project in the works). I decided to wait to post pictures until I finished the island. (I added bead board and molding to it before I painted it.)

My Sweet Hubby is a bit sceptical about the blue color on the island. He said he'll wait and see what comments people make about it. Personally, I like it. What do you think???