March 22, 2011

{ Finished Quilt Top }

I've been M.I.A. here for a while.
I've been busy with the daily life of a s.a.h.m. & haven't had the energy/desire to do any projects.
I boring!
But, then I talked to Sheri the other day & she was quilting.
And, I got jealous. :)
It was enough to get me over the funk I was in & start the quilt that has been sitting in my closet.
Here is the finished top...
Please forgive the horrible picture...the weather is pretty gloomy here lately.
I have wanted to try a pinwheel quilt for a long time.
It is far from perfect, but I love it!

To make the pinwheels I followed these instructions.
This fabric is so much fun that I think it makes the pinwheels even more whimsical.
When it's all finished I will post more pictures so you can see the fabrics better.

March 2, 2011

{ Finished Cross Stitch }

Quite a while back I posted my progress on a cross stitch and a couple of people have asked about how it looks now. Of coarse, I forgot to post the finished project and have completed two more cross stitches since then. So here is the finished piece. I framed it and put it on one of the shelves in my living room. I love it!