September 21, 2012

{ Miss Sassy's Bedroom Redo }

Miss Sassy really wanted to redo her room.
She's a teenager now and she wanted it to reflect her style.
I was excited to help her do that.
We took a trip to IKEA and she picked out colors, furniture & other stuff she liked.
We bought a few things, reused a few things she already had & this is what we came up with...
She really needed a place to do her make up & hair so we got a desk, chair & mirror at IKEA.
She loves art & wanted to keep her art collage wall.
She has her own art pieces that she's mixed in with other favorite pieces.

And then there is her 1 Direction wall.
Hung all on her own to her much joy!
She loves it...I love that she loves it.
I think the kids bedrooms should be reflect who they are.
While walking around IKEA, Sassy found a bedroom layout that she really liked.
They had used a cube bookshelf to separate the bed area.
The one at IKEA was larger, but we had this one already in her closet {from Target} so we decided to try it.
It turned out that we both really like this layout!
I added a few tiny shelfs & a basket {all from Target} under the window between her bed & the bookshelf for her clock, phone, the all important retainer & her scriptures.

The b&w floral bedding we already had {Target a while ago}.
We purchased the turquoise polka dot sheets, turguoise bed pillow, red velvet pillow & white faux fur pillow all at Target.
The red printed curtains are from IKEA.
All in all I think it turned out cute.
I sure wish it was this clean all the time.

{ Pinterest Inspired Halloween Luncheon }

Ah, Pinterest...don't you love Pinterest?
So many little time.
Here is a real party inspired by Pinterest at my home, hosted by me & some fun friends {thanks, Monica & Kate}.
click on titles below pics to go to the links on Pinterest... 
{battery operated candle inside}
{used medical tape instead of duct tape}
{We found out the caramel doesn't stick to the flesh of the apple}
Other Pins used: