November 19, 2013

{ Last Minute-1 Minute-No Sew Pilgrim Costume }

Last night, right before my little one went to bed, she told me she needed a pilgrim costume to wear to school the next day. Don't you love that? Well, I've found that sometimes we get our most creative when we are under the gun. So I started thinking what we could use that we already had lying around and this is what I came up with. AND it's no sew!!!
Made out of 1 men's black t-shirt & 1 men's white t-shirt. The black tee had writing on it so we turned it inside out. Then I got the white tee out &  used the existing collar & just cut out the pilgrim shaped collar. Then I used the bottom part of the t-shirt for the apron. I cut up both sides & straight across the top then cut 2 slits up each side (careful not to cut them all the way off) for the apron strings. The bottom of the apron is the hem of the t-shirt. It took literally 1 minute & I have one adorable, happy Pilgrim today. Yay!

{I know these are not great instructions so, if you want an official tutorial, let me know.}