January 20, 2014

{ Lazy Crafting }

I love the blog Lemonade Makin' Mama! Shasha is a wife, mama, artist & all around beautiful woman inside & out. And to top it off, her home is lovely, warm and inviting. I especially love her kitchen & eating area. Here's a little snapshot of her kitchen...

I picked this particular picture because I love the cute little vignette in the corner with the lazy susan. I thought maybe I could recreate the look & also thought it would be fun to try & make a lazy susan. Hey, why not?!!!

SUPPLY LIST (picture below):
6.5"x6.5" wood square panel
Minwax gel stain (I used the chestnut finish)

SUPPLY LIST (not pictured below):
(when you're trying something out for the first time sometimes you don't figure in everything you need when you're taking a before picture :) )
(8) ⅝" long wood screws
rubber pads


1. Stain all wood pieces (follow instructions on container)
2. Finish all wood pieces with Finishing Wax (follow instructions on container)
3. Screw turntable onto square base making sure to use the side of the turntable with the holes closer to
the inside circle because the side with the holes closer to the outside corners need to attach to the top
4. Screw turntable to the round top piece
5. Attach rubber feet to the bottom so it will stick to the counter when you turn the top

And, tah dah...

I looove how it turned out! And thank goodness I do, because I actually made it for someone who loves Sasha's kitchen as much as I do. I will be sending it to her soon!

Now go on over & visit Lemonade Makin' Mama so you can see all her fabulousness!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

Honestly, I like yours better! ;) Great job!

Bobbi said...

Jamie it looks so cute in your kitchen!!!!

Cindy said...

LOVE! Good job.

Never So Simple said...

Too funny that corner display was the first thing to catch my eye. I was just thinking I would like a display like this in my kitchen. Love your display also.