August 29, 2014

{ Upcycled Doll Aprons }

Well, hello! It has been a while, but I guess that is how it works on this blog. Family, work, just life in general get in the way of the blogging. But, we still like to share stuff here & there when we can. Thanks for sticking it out with us. :)

Today I wanted to share this idea that came to me while shopping with my sister, Sheri, at a great antique store in St. George, Utah. Urban Renewal is one of our favorites!
I was looking for a gift for an upcoming birthday party that my daughters were invited to. It was a tea party with their dolls.
 While shopping, I came across these cute aprons. That was a start...

Then my sister showed me the bin of assorted linens. 3 for $5! I found these cute hand-stitched items & thought, "Hey, I could turn these into little doll aprons!"

So I did a happy dance, came home & made them. It was a super easy project. Here's a short & not very good tutorial...
First, cut the end off to the desired length. Mine were a little too wide for the doll so I put a few pleats in. I would rather pleat than gather…gathering makes me cranky. I made sure the folds didn't interfere with the cute bird.

Next, I pinned it into some white, extra wide, double fold bias tape that I had on hand. And sewed a straight stitch along the edge.

Let's see how they turned out...
So cute!

My girls really would have liked to keep them. Perhaps they will find some under the Christmas tree this year. ;)

I really love how they turned out. I was thinking you could use handkerchiefs also.

I know my tutorial isn't great so if you have any questions I am happy to answer them.

Have a happy weekend!